Tens of Millions of Reasons Why

Social inflation, nuclear verdicts, cancel culture, and psychology in the courtroom continue to impact our industry in disruptive ways.  Using data from multiple sources, we will define the problems that increasing verdicts and unpredictable outcomes are causing to provide an overview of the industry-wide impact.  The panel will discuss why addressing these issues requires the full attention of the of the industry stakeholders, including the insured/risk managers, the carrier, and counsel to plan for and mitigate adverse outcomes.  We will identify some of the obstacles that handling insured claims in a “business as usual” way presents when looking to improve outcomes, and discuss concrete and actionable steps for each stakeholder in the claim process to re-take control of the narrative, manage the litigation and its costs and focus on the steps on the critical path to reach claim resolution.  Given the extraordinary stakes for individuals, businesses, their insurers, risk managers and counsel, plotting a strategy to address the potential for serious adverse outcomes is critical.  Now more than ever, we all have tens of millions of reasons to find better, more effective ways to resolve claims.


Lisa Black, Founding Partner, Black, Marjieh & Sanford, LLP
Ami Dwyer, General Counsel, SEA Limited
Diana Gerstberger, Vice President Casualty Claims, Arch Insurance
Daniel Royce, Managing Partner, KPM Law